Practical Examples of Estimating a project

What usually happens before you get started planning, designing, writing and coding is estimation. Your customer wants to know what the party will cost them. It’s a tricky question to answer. This session combines learning from experienced project managers as well as the opportunity to ask the experts your questions.

The problem
Drupal estimation is risky business for a lot of reasons. Two of the biggest issues are understanding what the client really wants, or can do away with, and knowing what techniques will get you the most accurate estimate.

Why this session is good
Because experts who have been down difficult estimation roads will share their knowledge and help you to interpret the client’s needs.

What you will take away from this session
Ways to identify issues around estimation, and solutions to solve them.


Jakob Persson
Drupal user: solipsist
Shannon Vettes
Drupal Partner/Product/Project Manager Extraordinaire
Commerce Guys
Drupal user: svettes