Plugin into Drupal 8

In Drupal 8 we are going to have som new things, one of them is plugins, what are they, what do they plugin to, what differs them to modules and ctools plugins, and how (not will) are they going to change how we are going to develop sites with Drupal? That are some of the subjects I am going to talk about in this session.
This is the session for you who want to understand what is going on with Drupal 8, and get a look of some of the shiny new things we are going to get in our hands when Drupal 8 releases.
Mikke Schirén is a Drupal developer, who have been working with Drupal since 4.7. Today he works as Drupal developer and solution facilitator at Wunderkraut, Stockholm. He is the maintainer and co-maintainer of modules like Entity List Display, Semantic Fields, Mongodb and Flagging forms.
Mikke also works as a Drupal teacher, and blogs and do Drupal screencasts at


Mikke Schirén
Drupal user: MiSc