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Drupalcamp Stockholm is closing in fast, so fast that we are about to fill up the session slots. So far we have just about 10 sessions ranging from Symfony, Drupal 8, dirty code to angry themers armed with smoke machines. Below you will find a few of the accepted sessions. We will keep posting updates here to keep you up to date on what is to come. Hope you like what you see and please give us feedback below in the comment field. Or better, submit a session of your own!

"It's not "their Drupal" - It's OUR Drupal"
mortendk - the veteran from the battlefields in the Drupal community - brings you the session It's not "their Drupal" – It's OUR Drupal. This session comes with a warning – it will be loud and there will be a smoke machine! Note from the organizers: Hopefully we get Morten to also hold his updated ANGRY themer session about riding unicorns in Drupal 8 and lot's of goody stuff.

"How to get consistent markup for all your content in your site in 25 minutes without hacking in templates again, ever"
A session by Kristof De Jaeger (swentel), the creator of Display Suite, targeted at themers.

"Data migration into Drupal"
A session by Pontus Nilsson and Claes Gyllenswärd for those of you developers that want to learn how to move data from an existing website to Drupal. You will learn how to save data to Drupal in a clean way and at the same time handle relationships between objects, files and other tricky exceptions.

Kodsmuts is session by Ida Franceen about "dirtified" web sites. What kinds of kodsmuts are there? How can we keep things clean and be nice to the internet?

"Branch branch branch then rebase – a git workflow"
In this session you will learn about a git workflow that avoids most merge conflicts, gives a logical and clean commit log and lets you push working code. The session is held by Fredrik Jonsson frjo.