DrupalCamp is a non-profit event that promotes people to meet an share their experience and knowledge of Drupal in a fun, valuable and generous way.


Meetin Room
Alströmergatan 20
T-bana Fridhemsplan

Is DrupalCamp for me?

We want it to be! It is our goal to accomodate everyone that has a connection to Drupal. If you are a coding wizard, a beginner, an editor or just curious about Drupal in any shape or form we would like you to come to DrupalCamp. We will try our best to accomodate you or point you to the right session or person

If any of the bulletpoints below fits you, you should definitely come to DrupalCamp.

  • Are you a representative of an organisation that is considering to migrate or create a new project in Drupal?
  • Are you curious about Drupal and open source?
  • Do you want to show your project or share your knowledge to to the community?
  • Do you want to mingle and network with developers, users and companies that work with Drupal?

Ticket price

The ticketprice is 295 SEK (VAT incl). We know it's more expensive than last year. But this year we have great facilities, lunch and a decent snack included in the price – less hassle for you! Get the ticket and you are set.

Är DrupalCamp Stockholm endast på engelska?

Nej! Drupal är ett internationellt populärt system och vi väntar deltagare och talare från alla möjliga länder. Var därför beredd på att vissa sessioner/presentationer är på engelska. Men eftersom vi är i Sverige hålls flera på svenska.

Where and when

The venue is called Meeting Room and their address is Alströmergatan 20 in Stockholm. The conference is on Friday the 8th of March 2013 and opens at 9 AM and ends at 9 PM. Please click here for a detailed schedule.

Will I be hungry?

No! Lunch and an afternoon snack are included in the price!

Venue map

What will you do with the profits (if any)?

All profit goes to making the next DrupalCamp even better and goes into the budget of the next camp. Thanks to the profits from 2011, this year we could afford a much better conference venue and scale up the camp.

Can I sponsor the confence?

Yes, of course. Please see the sponsorship page for more information.

Who are the people behind DrupalCamp Stockholm?

  • Cristobal Wetzig
  • Hannes Liljequist
  • Pontus Nilsson
  • Mattias Axelsson
  • Fredric Örup
  • Oscar Liljencrantz
  • Per Sandström
  • Jakob Persson
  • Peter Törnstrand
  • Dhavyd Vanderlei